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File CMS
File Management System

Owndrive is an online cloud storage file manager application based on codeigniter. This will help you to create a custom cloud storage file manager to your team, your office or services even start your own cloud storage management system. you can send & recieve file (upload & download files with sharing option) Make your own cloud storage service.create user & rights to user customer & private directory solution, just install on your server and its start.its provide private owndrive clould directory and file system you can manage easily and fast.

Use google drive your file storage synchronization easily
Dropbox file mangement
manage file & Folder
Control who can access to download.
Create Folders and sub folders.
Create user groups for quick assignment.
Control what user has access by folder
File type icon support.
Searching and Sorting Option.
Download link labels.
Add to Favorites
Add to Collection
Supports any language (google language tools)

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