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Written by RudLeo Updated 05 Nov, 2019


 THIS AGREEMENT is made by and between:

RUDLEO WEB DEVELOPEMENT.., a company having its principal place of business located at Rajkot , Gujarat.  (the "FIRST PART"); - and -  an individual ("HERE IN AFTER CALLED SECOND PART ").

Software Maintenance & Support Agreement

This agreement (“Support Agreement”, “Software Assurance”, “Agreement”) is for the purpose of defining the terms and conditions under which Technical Support, Maintenance and Software Upgrades will be provided by RUDLEO WEB DEVELOPEMENT.  (“Vendor”) to the undersigned organization (“Customer”, “Client”) for the support of Software (“Software”).


Software Assurance is an annual subscription that includes: Technical Support, Maintenance and Software Updation.

Support Fees

Customer agrees to pay according to the ongoing price of the software per year with tax for each user license. Payment for each renewal term shall be due within thirty (30) days of the renewal date at the Vendor’s current price for a support agreement.

    Payment should be made 100?vance Against Bill.
    Payment Made through cheque or DD in favour of "Vendor".

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